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Building that moves. Building that generates energy. Building that is green. To some it may appear that I am describing some building from a science fiction. Well, architecture in four dimensions belongs to the real world. We are talking about Dubai’s Green Environmental Towers which has become popular as ‘the Dynamic Architecture Building’. CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR A VIDEO.

Dynamic Architecture- general schemeArchitect David Fisher, Italian Architect and Town Planner, incorporated dynamics in his buildings first in Italy, followed by Dubai, London, Moscow, Paris,and Hong Kong. According to Fisher, time is the most powerful dimension of life. “Time”, says Fisher “is the dimension of relativity”. His new skyscraper, the tower in motion, is shaped by “life designed by time”.


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Dubai Superbridge 2008

Dubai is not only leading in the world’s skyscraper race, but will also now lead in Superbridge engineering. New York’s Fxfowle architects have got their designs approved for Dubai’s Superbridge. Due for construction in March 2008, 2000 cars will swift past each other in one hour on its 12 lanes once completed in 2012.

At 670 ft. tall, Dubai’s next super structure will stand higher than the George Washington Bridge (604 ft.) but fall short of San Francisco’s existing Golden Gate Bridge (746 ft.).

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Gensler Building 2008 GreenUnited Kingdom- Gensler’s design for Herman Miller’s international headquarters, also called Village Green, has been short listed for Corenet’s 2008 Sustainability award and is the first building in the UK to receive both BREEAM (excellent rating) and LEED (gold) accreditation. The 20,000-square foot facility is located in Chippenham, England.

Several notable details that make Village Green green and intelligent:

  • Natural ventilation. A computerized system adjusts airflow, eliminating the need for air conditioning.
  • All timber is from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) sustainable sources.
  • Recycled aggregate building materials are sourced from within 30 kilometers.
  • All carpeting is recyclable.
  • Energy-efficient lighting is activated by movement sensors.
  • Seventy-five percent of the building is exposed to natural daylight and 95 percent of the office space includes a view of the outside.
  • Cycle racks and showers are provided to encourage alternative transportationInteriors

‘Village Green provides an efficient and dynamic work environment for employees and it also has become a popular customer destination,’ says John Portlock, president of Herman Miller International. ‘It also serves as a living case study about the possibilities that exist with sustainable design.’

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