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Nanocity- the idea of a sustainable city ‘with world class infrastructure and to create an ecosystem for innovation leading to economy, ecology and social cohesion’ is taking place near another architecture paradise- Chandigarh, which was commissioned by first prime minister of independent India to reflect new nation’s modern and progressive outlook. Nehru famously proclaimed Chandigarh to be ‘unfettered by the traditions of the past, a symbol of the nation’s faith in the future.’

In 1966 French architect Le Corbusier and his team produced a plan for Chandigarh that conformed to the modernist city planning principles of CIAM, in terms of division of urban functions, an anthropomorphic plan form, and a hierarchy of road and pedestrian networks. Chandigarh, for a very long time, was perceived to be an experimental city!

Today after forty some years, Sabeer Bhatia [of Hotmail fame] has embarked upon another multi-billion dollar Nanocity idea in collaboration with Government of Haryana [India] and the faculty and students of UC Berkeley, California [USA]. Nanocity will replicate if not surpass the standards of the Silicon Valley of US.



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AREAS CONSIDERED FOR ECOTOWNS IN UKJuly 2007- Britian had announced that it will initiate ‘zero carbon’ architecture and town planning by building 5 ‘Ecotowns’ to meet their demand for 2 million new homes by 2016.

‘The towns, each with a minimum of 5,000 to 10,000 houses, will be built to meet zero carbon standards and will each showcase a specific project promoting energy preservation or green technology. Projects to be showcased could include use of communal heat pump systems or car pool schemes,’ the Communities and Local government office said.

UK government even launched a Architecture Design Competition and invited entries for design and layouts of Ecotowns.

You can view the Ecotown prospectus here.



While the government offices move ahead with their plans, people have opposed the plans. People of Warwickshire threaten to march in protest. OPPOSITION to a proposed 6,000-home eco-town at Long Marston also intensified this week as a second Conservative MP came out against the scheme and a petition appealing directly to Prime Minister Gordon Brown appeared on the website of 10 Downing Street. You can read more here: Risible Claims for Ecotown and Protest over plans for Ecotown


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The architecture profession is experiencing a change in the way it perceives the built environment. The ‘Go-Green’ movement is catching up, as the architects and designers understand their responsibilities towards future, and have become aware of their role in easing the world’s energy related problems.

Architecture in design has many active and passive solutions and ideas of making built environment and its maintenance less energy-wasteful, but when these architectural ideas reach the user they are sometimes discouraged due to the high initial investment and installation costs.The user is compelled to opt for ‘brown’ power rather than ‘green’ power and shelf his energy-smart building venture. Its at this point that the idea of a ‘green’ or ‘self-sustaining’ built environment seems very distant.

However, Jigar Shah, 31 year old Managing partner of Sun Edison, has come up with a triumphant solution to mitigate this long standing problem. Sun Edison functions as a one-stop shop and will not only develop the project but also manage and install the equipment on user’s rooftop at no upfront costs or investments. In return the user has to buy solar power from Sun Edison for less or same as what they are paying for their utility power. With the promise of bringing solar power to user’s doorstep at no extra costs, this certainly appears to be not only a highly energy sensitive idea but also economically beneficial.

‘It has been deciphered that in half an hour earth receives enough solar energy to take care of its entire energy requirements for one year. For every 100kw installed, the avoided carbon dioxide emissions are equivalent to planting 11000 trees.’


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